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Floor Repair

Floor Repair

ZenRite Repair products offer simple solutions to repair damaged concrete floors in industrial and commercial environments or for residential use such as damaged concrete garage floors. Our concrete floor repair products are quick and easy to use for concrete crack repairs, mortar for deep hole filling and filling expansion joints in concrete floors.
  • Concrete Floor Joint Fillers

    ZenRite's pourable joint fillers are ideal for putting expansion joints
    back in place after repair work or resurfacing to concrete floors has been carried out.
  • Concrete Floor Crack Repair

    ZenRite's products are designed to repair cracks in the concrete floor substrate, a common issue in workplace floors. ZenRite Repair Mortar is ideal for the repair of any cracks or general damage of concrete floors.
  • Concrete Floor Hole Filling

    Holes in the concrete floor substrate are dangerous and unattractive. Use ZenRite polyurethane and epoxy floor repair screeds and floor repair mortar systems to repair worn or damaged concrete floors. Quick and easy to apply.
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