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Floor Paints

Floor Paints

Floor paints, coatings, sealers and primers. The ZenRite range of floor paints offer high quality, durable and attractive finishes for concrete floors.
  • Floor Paint

    A broad range of high quality floor paints that are durable, attractive and ideal for many different environments, from chemically resistant floor paint to easy one coat acrylic floor paint.

  • Chemically Resistant Paints

    A chemically resistant range of epoxy high-build floor paints for resistance to chemical attack offering a high level of resistance and durability.
  • Garage Floor Paint

    Easy-to-use garage floor paints, ideal for enhancing the look and durability of your concrete garage floor. Easy to apply and clean, the perfect choice for rejuvenating a tired looking concrete floor.
  • Floor Primers

    Epoxy and acrylic floor primers, including a tacky floor primer, used before the application of epoxy floor screeds. Used as floor primers and floor sealers for porous cementitious materials.
  • Floor Sealers

    Water-based epoxy floor sealers and coatings in colour or clear grades. Ideal for sealing concrete floors or cementitious screeds and decorative flooring systems.
  • Line Marking Floor Paint

    Floor paint for creating clear markings within working environments. Solvent free low odour fast setting floor paint that has been formulated to create lines with minimal creep at the line edge.
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