With 30 years of Industrial flooring experience behind us, we know how industrial flooring systems must perform. ZenRites comprehensive range of solutions has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements that can deliver high performance surfaces for maximum durability, hygiene and chemical resistance. High performance doesn’t mean you
have to compromise aesthetic design, and our solutions can incorporate a variety of colours, textures and patterns.

At ZenRite, our team is not just trained in our flooring products, but has practical experience of industrial flooring installation, so any help will come with the benefit of having years of knowledge and experience in the flooring industry.

As well as flooring products, we offer bespoke services in the application of advanced systems such as Polyurethane screeds and Epoxy Self Smoothers. If you would like us to carry out the works on your behalf, we will arrange a site visit and a quotation with no obligation.

Whether it’s a complete flooring installation, repair or simple coating for a garage floor, ZenRite provide all of the necessary materials, tools and instructions to get the job completed, quickly and easily.

We also offer an advanced cleaning service, so when your new floor is down we can come back as often as you like and maintain it to a high standard.